Used Black Bookshelf in Lake Katrine, New York

Used Black Bookshelf
Price: $5
Type: Services, For Sale

I have a tall black wooden bookshelf that is taking up too much room in my trailer, and I would be happy to give it away to anyone willing to come and pick it up. I would love to be able to make $5 off of it, but at this point it is taking up so much space I have no problem giving it away for free. It has three adjustable shelves and one stationary shelf. Unfortunately it no longer has the small pins that you would place in it to hold the shelves up, however it would be easy to replace them with small nails or screws as I did for the past year. I have included images of a completely-to-scale model that I made of it in Sketchup which I would be happy to email to anyone interested. Measurements are included in the images, which I would like to exclusively say is created from the measurements of the actual bookshelf. It is in fair condition with only a little bit of damage at the very bottom and a square of discoloration on the side(it is just not the same shade of black as the rest of the bookshelf)
Please contact me either by email on this site, or by sending me a text. If you choose to call me please leave a message, I usually can't answer my cell or choose not to.

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